Photographer’s Weekly Hangout: Photowalks & Fireworks

First Episode of Photographer’s Weekly Hangout on Google+ with co-host Shane Srogi (  This was our first episode and we had a few hiccups, but all in all a great discussion. Many thanks to Keith Barrett from for livestreaming and to all the folks who stopped by:

Christina Rollo – check out her work at

Bob Rolfe for his sage wisdom that comes from years of experience. Welcome him into your photographers circle.

Michael Riffle for discussing his world photo walk weekend experience and making time between work and a school function. Good luck shooting in Utah!

Dirk Heindoerfer for sharing his experience shooting and living in Taiwan with a European eye.

Jim Davis for hopping in and talking about how G+ has connected the photographic community. Best of luck with the show tonight. Check out Photohangouts Tuesdays at 6:30pm EST.

Robert Jones for talking about your fashion work. Check out his site

Darcy O’Doherty Flaming headphones need I say more! Thanks for dropping in.