That’s me there on the left –  just a regular guy with a camera and a passion for capturing my adventures through the world.

My adventure began way back when as a little tike in Beirut, Lebanon where I was born during the Lebanese Civil War.  My parents moved to the US a couple times (first in 1976 and then permanently in 1985).  I’ve lived in Michigan, Florida and Hawaii, and have traveled to some interesting places during my time.  But I always feel that the adventure is just beginning.

My passion for photography began while living in Honolulu, HI.  I got my first real camera (A Canon Rebel G, yah, it used film) and experimented.  I was fascinated but it was several years before I would call myself a photographer.

Here are the best ways you can connect with me.  I’m most active on but I do keep up with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
I’m always looking for interesting places to shoot and am available for workshops.  Drop me a line.

I specialize in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography and am drawn to hyper-real/surreal scenes.  I’m drawn to simplicity, dramatic moments and elegance.  These themes are at times in conflict and usually I prefer elements of conflict and tension over simplicity and elegance.   The hour before a storm is one of my favorite times to shoot.

My images are yours to enjoy and they are licensed under a non-commercial Creative Commons license.  You can store or distribute the images or even create your own work based on my images as long as you:
1) Attribute the image to CertainPointofView and Ali Elhajj
2) Not use the images for commercial purposes

Keeping it simple: you can use my images for your website, online forum, or desktop background, just don’t sell them.  If you’re doing some sort of ad campaign, interior design work, or are looking for prints just contact: info at certain point of view dot com.NON-PROFIT WORK
I grew up in the Middle East during a time of great strife and my life has been deeply affected by war and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  I am deeply concerned about the Middle East and the children who live daily under violence or the threat of violence in Israel and Palestine.  Every December, my wife and I bring together a team of individuals from American, Israeli and Palestinian churches through the Bethlehem Christmas Project to deliver Christmas gifts to orphans, children with special needs, and children suffering from post-traumatic stress in Israel and Palestine.

I’m a Canon shooter, I like Sci-fi, I believe chocolate should be a food group, I like renaissance and baroque art, and have yet to meet a gadget I don’t like (generally, if it has an on-button and/or LEDs, I’m happy).

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