Observing the Sunset

Sunsets just don’t get much better than what you see in Florida.

Water Drops on a Tulip

Tulips do not conform to the expected shape of a flower.  They are beautiful nonetheless, especially when adorned with water droplets.


Overlooking the Surreal

A different interpretation of a sunset from Lake Apopka.  The image was a broken into three components: the sky, the walkway, and the dock.  Each was then edited in a separate group then the resultant layers were merged and desaturated and sharpened.

Birth of the Firechild

This image was captured last week at the same time as the alligator shot “I See You”.  I was focusing on photographing the individual panorama images and completely missed the child-like shape the clouds made in the center of the photo.  Take a look at the center of the image and you’ll see a child with legs bent and one arm extended looking to the left.  

I missed out enjoying the sunset as I was creating this image but I’m so grateful I made it to the lake that day.  Would I have been able to appreciate this had I not had a camera?  I don’t know.  Perhaps, but I would not have been able to share the sunset with you had I not had my camera that day.

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