Winter Garden

Generation Gap

Generation Gap

Who says the generations can’t get together, have an outing and just get along?  I wish I could tell you more about the hot rod in front.  The owner wasn’t there and all I know is the grill says “International” on it.



Sunsets produced by tropical storms and hurricanes are paradoxically serene.  This sunset, photographed in Winter Garden just outside of Orlando, came as Tropical Storm Andrea made her way over to the Carolinas last week.

How it is was Made
This is a six-exposure HDR created with photomatix pro. The blended image was then processed through in photoshop with the original images for tonal adjustment and color correction.

Noise reduction was done with Topaz Denoise and minor touch up and cropping was done with Lightroom.

Canon 5DMKII Canon 17-40 F/4L at f/16 ISO 100.

A Classic Racer

Classic Racer

One of the privileges of being near Downtown Winter Gaden is the opportunity to photograph the many events the city hosts.  Specifically, every 3rd Saturday of the month the streets are blocked off for a classic car show.

I wish I could tell you what the year, make or model of this car, but the owner wasn’t nearby so I have no idea.  One thing I can tell you is that air scoop makes this car look very intimidating.  Luckily, the “smiley” grill and the headlights make the car look cute.

By the way, this was edited Topaz Black & White Effects 2 and Lightroom.


A storm was rolling in as I photographed Winter Garden’s Tower 22 Firestation. I was rushing as it was starting to rain but managed to snap this one before it really came down.

Water Tower in a Storm

An HDR of Winter Garden’s Water Tower as a storm was rolling in a few weeks ago. I don’t think the small size does it justice…