What people are saying:
-The class was very organized and Ali did a great job explaining things. He made a point of checking with each student on every assignment and was more than willing to answer questions and help. I would happily attend another one of his photo classes/field trips. I feel like I left the class with more understanding and enthusiasm for digital photography.

-Awesome instructor and awesome person!!! Very personal and professional approach and more than willing to share his ideas and expertise! Looking forward to learning more from him!

-Ali was very knowledgeable and helpful. I liked that there were only 6 of us, so he could answer all of our questions.

-Great class! I really learned alot about how to use my camera properly and also had a really fun time. I highly recommend this class.

-Fantastic class. Ali was very patient and taught us so much about the basics of photography as well as the more complex matter of taking our camera off “Auto” and exploring the merits of “Manual”. I would highly recommend this class to beginners and enthusiasts alike.

-Great class! Learned allot!! Ali is a super teacher!

-A wonderful class- I used what I learned at work today and my boss was delighted! Thanks!

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Upcoming workshops are being scheduled now.  Please click here to see upcoming dates, details about meeting location, and book your workshop.  If you don’t see an upcoming date that fits within your schedule, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You will get a reply within 24 hours (and usually a lot sooner)

About the Workshops
Each workshop includes discussion time and on-location photo session applying concepts learned during discussion.  Most workshops have 3 to 5 photographers to keep the time focused on each photographer’s needs.  At no time will a workshop include more than 10 photographers (if class size reaches 10, a teaching assistant will be available.)  Every effort is made to keep class size at a maximum of 8.

Workshops are held on weekends (typically Saturday morning or evening) in historic Downtown Winter Garden.  Arrangements for other locations and days can be made.

I.  Photography 101
This workshop is geared to the new photographer.  You just got your camera or perhaps have had it for a while and you’re a bit intimidated by all the buttons, settings, and modes.

This workshop is for you.  The purpose of the workshop is to demystify photography; cameras can easily become black boxes that are difficult to understand.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pickup a camera and see it as an instrument- a tool you understand?

In the 3 hour workshop, we will cover the concepts every photographer must know and how to make creative decisions as a photographer.

  • What do the settings on your camera do and which ones are appropriate for what you are trying to capture?
  • What are aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and what are the relationships between them?  How does changing each affect your image?
  • How do you meter and set exposure creatively?

This is a non-intimidating class and concepts are explained using real world examples to help photographers grasp the photographic decision making process.
Workshop fee: $99 – click here to book

II.  HDR Photography: from Capture to Post-Processing
This 4 hour workshop is for the intermediate photographer  looking to foray into High Dynamic Range photography.  The workshop is geared towards photographers with a basic grasp of the fundamentals of Photography and post-processing using photoshop.  The workshop will discuss the creation of HDR images from arriving on-location, and setup, to post-processing tools, tricks an techniques.  Topics will include:

  • -Image capture considerations for HDR.
  • -Using photomatix for HDR; understanding how to select images and using the sliders
  • -Processing images using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop
  • -Understanding Photoshop layer fundamentals, masking and adjustment layers
  • -Using Topaz Labs suite in your post-processing workflow
  • -Considerations for creating HDR images from single and multiple source images

Workshop Fee:  $149

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